Motivating, inspiring and growing people and ideas to solve real-world problems

Our mission

Empowering dreamers and entrepreneurs worldwide by simplifying the way we build and expand businesses through technology.

Our beliefs and aims

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Building a startup should be a breeze

Creating a business is hard work, but it shouldn’t have to be difficult. We aim to develop innovative digital tools and content to make everything from finding investors, acquiring customers, or researching your idea as simple, fun and impactful as possible.


More innovative ideas need to be brought to life

The world needs innovative ideas and motivated people to bring them to life. No matter your experience level and no matter what you want to build, we aim to help you create something that both investors and your team will love. Let’s solve real-world problems together!


Dreamers and entrepreneurs are our future

Innovators are essential to a happy society. They ask tough questions, drive true social change and shape our future. We want to educate and inspire more dreamers and startups to seize the moment and reach their full potential.


Falling in love with products and services

Launching a product or service that users love is hard, really hard. But focusing on the user is key. We aim to personalize, design and build our product so that your unique solution stands out, and will make consumers and stakeholders fall in love with you.

How it all began

Back in 2018, our CEO Christian had just quit his job as a CTO in another startup he co-founded. He had worked his butt off for the past couple of years and found himself in need of a change. He moved to Lisboa in search of new inspiration, motivation and a great idea to throw himself into. Under the Portuguese sun one idea started to spark in the back of his mind. What if there was an inspiring place for all people to bring ideas to life? A place free of heavy business language that provides the tools and knowledge you need to build a business?

And just like that, the idea for Cuttles was born. Since then, Christian has soaked up enough of the southern sun (at least for now), has moved back to Copenhagen, and has gathered a small team that works tirelessly on designing and building what they want to be everyone's favorite startup tool. A place that makes it fun, inspiring, and motivating for anyone to build and expand a business.