Build a beautiful one-pager with our Canvas feature

Validate your brilliant idea and get clarity with our one-page business canvas. Present your idea and communicate your goals seamlessly and smoothly to investors, future customers and your team.

Validate and present your idea with confidence

With our guided business Canvas feature you can zoom in on the parts of your idea that are really important and present your business to investors, your team and potential customers with confidence.




Give anyone a powerful overview of your idea 

With our Canvas feature you can quickly sketch out your idea and get an overview of your initial business model. No matter if you need to scribble it down for yourself, or if you are preparing for the pitch of your lifetime, the canvas will get you there.


We ask the questions, all you have to do is answer 

Never made a business canvas before? No worries, buddy. We've made it super simple for you to create a professional and engaging presentation of your idea. Just fill out the basics and give your best answers to the questions we ask. Before you know it, you're ready to present. And if you have no idea how to answer our questions, we've made examples to get you inspired, so you're all set!


Win people over with a sleek presentation

We bet you're dying to tell someone about your idea. After all, now that you have a clear picture, you are probably more motivated than ever to move it to the next level. Cuttles lets you export your one-pager to a beautiful PDF or if you prefer, you can share it with anyone online through private or public links. Whatever suits you best.