Structure, validate and pitch your idea in minutes

Validate your idea with our guided Canvas feature and present it in a beautiful one-pager. Convince investors, your team and future customers to get on board with a powerful presentation of your business idea.

Get clarity and build something people will love

Getting ideas isn’t hard. Getting business-worthy ideas is. Too many entrepreneurs build products no one wants - and then they fail. No more! With Cuttles you can sketch out your idea and present your business to investors with confidence. Our app guides you every step of the way.




Map out your business model on a single page

Structuring your startup and business model is the first step to creating a professional business plan and building a successful startup. The Cuttles Canvas lets you outline and present your startup idea in one page. Clearly explain the problem you solve, who your customers are, what product you are offering and what marketing activities you’ve planned. 


Skip the business plan – for now

If you just had the idea of a lifetime, chances are you’re pretty motivated to build it. Nothing can kill the vibe of a fresh-from-the-brain idea, like trying to write a 30-page business plan. And you really don’t need one of those yet. At the earliest stages of your startup journey, a one-page canvas outlining your business idea is more than enough. Make that and save the business plan for later.


We ask the questions, you give the answers

Never made a business canvas before? No worries! We’ve made it super simple for you to create a professional and engaging quick presentation of your idea. Just fill out the basics about your startup and give your best answers to the questions we ask. We’ve even made examples for each section of the business canvas to get you going.


Win people over with a sleek presentation

By now, you're probably dying to tell someone about your idea. Whether it be potential partners, investors or your mum, first impression is everything! With Cuttles, you can present your idea in a one-page plan with the click of a button. Share your business canvas online directly from Cuttles or export it to a seamless PDF and bring it with you for your next pitch.