Write an impactful startup plan with our Business Plan feature

Our Business Plan feature guides you through all the steps of writing a professional business plan. Customize everything and create a plan that matches your needs. It's simpler and faster than ever.

Don’t go on a treasure hunt without a map 🗺

A business plan gives you direction, helps you make difficult decisions and convince investors of your startups’ potential. But crossing the finish line with your plan can be an uphill battle for sure. Luckily it doesn't have to be. With our fully guided Plan feature, you can easily build your startup's DNA - no matter what stage you're at.



Powerful guided creator

Jump right in and get to work. We’ve made sure all the best practice sections are already in your plan. All you have to do is start filling them out. We’ll guide you through each of the sections and give you real-life examples from business plans of already successful startups. 


Costumize your plan

Your plan is your own. Even though we've pre-defined some sections for you, we want you to make a business plan that matches your needs. You can customize your plan any way you like. Create your own sections, drag and drop smart text fields, spreadsheets, charts and tables and delete anything you don't need. With our rich text editor you can style your plan exactly the way you want. You can add links, pictures, videos and even upload your own files into the plan.


Export or share in your own dazzling design

Cuttles is a presentation tool as much as a planning tool. We won't just leave you with a pretty front page and an otherwise messy PDF. Your business plan will look professional, beautiful and match your own branding from the very beginning. No matter if you want to export the plan or if you want to share it online, we make sure the look is impeccable.