Finish your business plan in a fraction of the time

Our Startup Business Plan Creator guides you through all the steps of writing a professional plan. Use our ready-to-go business plan template or custom the plan to match your needs. It’s simpler and faster than ever.

Grow your startup 34% faster

For many entrepreneurs, writing a business plan is an uphill battle. So, is it really worth it? Planning actually helps your startup grow up to 34% faster and improves your chances of success by 16%. Your business plan isn’t just a piece of paper you use to get investment. It’s your strategic direction, goals, milestones and metrics, priorities, and the place you go to when you lose sight of where you’re going. It’s the backbone of your business.



Spend your time building something incredible

Despite the obvious benefits, writing a business plan can feel like the wrong way to spend precious time. Time you could spend developing a fantastic product or service that will change someone’s life. We want you to spend your hours right. That's why we have filled our business plan template with bite-sized guides and real-life examples so that you can finish your plan in a fraction of the time. Best of all? You don’t need a business degree to complete your planning. Heck, you don’t even have to know how to write a business plan. Cuttles is with you every step of the way.


Present your business, not just a template

Your startup is unique, and so is your business plan. So naturally, a static template won’t do. With our builder, you can customize your plan to match your needs, no matter if you’re planning to be the next tech giant, developing a ground-breaking biotech solution or starting a new, cool beverage brand. Create your own sections, drag-and-drop smart text fields, spreadsheets, charts and tables and delete anything you don’t need. The rich text editor lets you style your plan, add links, pictures, videos and even upload your own files.


Share a stunning, professional plan and get funded

Cuttles is not just a planning tool; it’s a presentation tool too. We won’t just leave you with a pretty frontpage and an otherwise messy PDF. Your business plan will look professional, stunning and match your own brand design from the very beginning – no design skills necessary. We’ll make sure it looks impeccable, and when you’re ready, you can export your plan or share it online with anyone you want. Get ready to get funded!