Make your numbers shine with our Finance feature

With our Finance feature it’s easier than ever to do your budgets, keep track of your runway and present everything professionally - even if you’re not a math wiz.

Give your numbers a new pair of shoes 👞👞

You might be able to talk the talk, but can your numbers walk the walk? 
Your numbers are the key to building a successful business. You need a sustainable budget to convince people, yourself included, that your startup idea is worth pursuing. Our guided Finance feature makes it smooth and handy for you to create budgets and keep track of your runway.



Step by step budgetting

It’s never been easier to work with numbers. Create your budgets, choose your currency and you’re ready to get to work. You can add as many expense, revenue and capital categories as you need. Just name them, type in your numbers and tell us if they’re growing. Now watch as Cuttles gives you a clear overview of your financials.


Don’t waste your old numbers

If you’ve already made your budgets in a spreadsheet somewhere else, you’re in luck. No work is wasted. You can copy/paste the entire thing into your Cuttles budget and easily give those old numbers a well-deserved makeover.


Keep both eyes on the runway 

On the dashboard you’ll always have a full overview right at hand. We’ll show you your runway, your earn- and burn rates and let you know when you budget will break even. We will show you the status of your financial situation, and depending on how well you’re doing we will guide you and give you advice on how to make your budget sustain itself.