Never run out of cash

Did you know 16% of startup failure is caused by poor finances? No matter what you’re building, a healthy cash flow is what will lead to success in the long run. When it comes to numbers, you can’t afford to make mistakes. With our Budgets feature, you won’t.

Working with numbers has never been simpler 

Even the strongest efforts won’t cut it if you don’t have the numbers to back it all up. It’s not enough to talk the talk; your numbers need to walk the walk. But let’s be honest, working with Excel budget templates and spreadsheets can kill the fun at most parties. With our Budgets feature, creating and maintaining budgets and forecasts is smooth, handy and simpler than ever. We’ll guide you through it all. Working with numbers has never been easier.



Create a sustainable budget, step by step

We’ve made it super-simple to get started on your budget. All you have to do is choose your currency, add your expenses, revenue forecasts and capital. Then watch as the dashboards give you a clear overview of your financials. It’s easy to define numbers, periods and growth rates, and you can create as many budgets as you want to explore different scenarios.


Keep both eyes on the runway to build a healthy business

We've created the Runway dashboard for you, so you'll always have a clear overview right at hand. Cuttles automatically creates the charts and graphs you need. We’ll show you how long your money will last, your earn- and burn rates and let you know when you’ll break even. Our super-smart, AI-powered, backend Cuttlefish, will crunch your numbers and keep you updated on your financial situation. They’re even nice enough to give advice on how you can optimize your financials to make your budget sustains itself.


Share dashboards and reports to impress investors

Budgets are meant to be shared. At least when they’re made to back up a business plan and convince investors to jump on board your startup ship. Once you’re ready, share your budget and dashboards online with investors to give them a simple yet powerful overview of your financial plans. Or generate nice-looking spreadsheet reports and export them to Excel, CSV or PDF.