Team Cuttles is still undefeated in the game of beer pong

That's right, we haven't lost a game yet!

Challenge us, we dare you!

We love Fridays, we love beer, and we never say no to a good game of beer pong! We regularly challenge other startups in Copenhagen to a game of beer pong. And yes, on some Fridays we just play by ourselves. We have to stay sharp, you know? At least we still haven't lost a game yet. Will you be the one to beat us?

If you're an entrepreneur, a startup or just a good ol' beer pong champ and you ever find yourself wandering the streets of Copenhagen looking for some Friday fun, we dare you to challenge us to a game in our workspace. We got red cups, a box of ping pong balls and we never back down from a challenge.

Reach out to our team captain Christian at or just stop by our office space Cuttles & Friends in downtown Copenhagen on any Friday afternoon. We're always here, and we're always game! ๐Ÿบ