Do you have any questions about your account at Cuttles?

February 28, 2021 · Christian Nicolai Thiesen

I didn't get a verification email for my Cuttles account, what should I do?

Try checking the spam folder in your email account. Otherwise, it can take up to 5 minutes to arrive, so hang in there and it should arrive shortly! If you still haven't received anything, drop us a message at support@cuttles.io.

How can I cancel my Cuttles subscription?

You can cancel your subscription inside the Cuttles app by going to 'Account', then to 'Billing', then clicking on 'Billing Portal' where you can cancel your current subscription.

How do I delete my Cuttles account?

It would be sad to see a budding entrepreneur leave us. But If you would like to delete your account, inside the Cuttles app go to 'Account', then to the 'Account' sub-menu, and click on 'Delete' under 'Deactivate and delete your account'.

Can I move my startups to another Cuttles account?

Yes, you can! Write us an email at support@cuttles.io from the email address your current startup is registered to, then mention the email address of the Cuttles startup account you want to transfer to. We’ll take care of the rest. 🤗

How do I change my email?

Write us an email at support@cuttles.io from the email your Cuttles account is currently registered to, then mention the email address you want to change into. We’ll take care of the rest 🤗