FAQ on our Business Plan feature

📝 Business plan · 21/10/2020 · Inesa Joksaite

What files can I export to?

Right now you can export your canvas and business plan to pdf files. Pretty soon you’ll be able to export to Word and PowerPoint as well. As for your budgets, you can currently export spreadsheets to Excel and pdf. We’re working on enabling you to export your graphs and Cuttles budgets as well.

Does Cuttles support different languages and currencies?

Cuttles is currently in English. We support all major currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, BRL, MXN) as well as a bunch of smaller ones. If yours is missing, feel free to put it to our requests site and we will add it asap. When you create a budget, we will automatically ask you to choose your preferred currency. You can also manage currencies in your budget settings.

How is my business plan and data protected?

Yes, all your personal and business data is safe with us. All account and plan data is stored on multiple European servers and backed up daily. All credit card transactions are processed using bank-level, PCI-compliant SSL encryption. Cuttles follows all European security standards. Our product runs on a dedicated network locked down with firewalls and carefully monitored 24 hours a day. Your business plan is confidential and your content will remain private, unless you choose to share it via exporting or by inviting guests to see your work in Cuttles. Your plan data is stored securely and members from our team will only access it for tech-support purposes. If you want to know more about how we protect your data have a look at our privacy policy.

How do I create charts in my business plan?

You can create charts in your business plan by using the drag and drop feature on the right side of your screen. Simply drag in a chart, edit the data and you're good to go. You can change the chart type by hovering over your chart and clicking the chart icon that appears in the top right corner of your chart.

How do you ensure the work I share is private?

You can share your work via private or public links. If you share publicly, anyone with a link can access your work for as long as you keep the link public. You can turn the public link on/off in the sharing feature. If you share privately, a unique URL will be send via email to each person you choose to share it with. You can manage your private sharings in startup settings and delete anyone you no longer want to allow access to your work.

What sections are included in the business plan?

We've made a best practice template to help you get started on your business plan. You can always add or delete sections. The ones we have pre-defined are:


Mission statement
Vision statement


Unique value proposition
Market size



Business model

Key resources
Key activities
Key partnerships
Cost structure
Revenue stream


Competitive advantage


Customer value


SWOT analysis
Marketing channels
Customer relationships
Brand positioning


Risks & challenges



Can I copy/paste images into my business plan?

To upload images to your business plan, click Insert Image in the rich text editor and drag and drop or browse for the image you want. If you copy/paste an image into your business plan, it will not be saved.