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Do you have questions about the features and functionalities in general?

February 28, 2021 · Christian Nicolai Thiesen

Can I work on more than one startup at a time?

Sure you can! We’ve made a plan just for you. If you’re the type of person who can’t stop great ideas from flowing, or if you have multiple startups you want to manage in the Cuttles app, the Grow Plan is just what you need. With the Grow Plan, you can have 3 startups per account. 

You can sign up for the Grow Plan through our pricing page.

Can I invite team members to work with me?

Of course! If you’re not just a one-man-band and you want to collaborate with your fantastic team members in Cuttles, you can jump on to our Grow Plan and invite as many members as you want to your startup.

How do I invite team members to my startup?

You can invite new members to your startup inside the Cuttles app by heading to your startup, then your startup's 'Settings', selecting 'Members', and then heading to the 'Invite People' section.

From here you can invite members via email, assign specific rights and remove members. Members need to have a Cuttles account to be part of your startup. When you invite a team member, we automatically send them an email with instructions on how to get started.

What are the different roles members can have in a startup?

There are 4 different roles that members can have in a startup, depending on which plan you are on. The four roles are:

Owner - Owns the startup and can manage all aspects of the startup such as settings and members
Admin - have the same rights as the owner, except they can’t delete the startup or change the role of other members.
Collaborator - can edit all fields in the startup but do not have access to or change any settings.
Viewer - can only view the startup. Viewers do not have any editing rights.

Can I share my work with someone outside my team?

Yup! One of the best things about Cuttles is that it works great as a presentation tool. Besides our export feature, you can share your work through private password-protected or public links with anyone you want, anytime you want.

What files can I export to?

Right now you can export your Pitch, Business Plan, and Team to pdf files. As for your budgets, you can currently export spreadsheets and charts to Excel (XLSX), Image (PNG), and CSV. 

Does Cuttles support different languages?

We’re happy you asked about languages! We have 5 languages available on our app: 🇺🇸 English, 🇩🇪 German, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇵🇹 Portuguese, and 🇫🇷 French.

How do I change the language?

If you would like to change language, after logging into your Cuttles account, head to ‘Account’, then ‘Language’ and choose a language under 'Language', and click 'Save'.

Does Cuttles support different currencies?

We offer most global currencies that cater to just about everyone who uses the Cuttles App. If you would like to request a currency, you can email us at support@cuttles.io.

How do I change the currency?

You can change the currency for your startup and also for each of your budgets. To change the currency for your startup, you need to go to your 'Settings' inside your startup, then ‘General’, and change it under the 'Currency' section. To change the currency on one of your budgets you’ll need to go to the specific budget you want to change it for and go to the 'Settings' tab.

Can I use Cuttles on my tablet or smartphone?

For the best experience, you can use Cuttles from your computer or tablet. It is possible to use Cuttles on your smartphone's internet browser, however, we do not yet have a dedicated mobile app. 

Can I copy/paste images into my business plan?

To upload images to your business plan, click Insert Image in the rich text editor and drag and drop or browse for the image you want. If you copy/paste an image into your business plan, it will not be saved.

Can I download the Cuttles app?

We currently do not have a downloadable Cuttles app, but we’re working on it! In the meantime, you can access our feature-rich app from your computer or tablet.

Can I see a PDF template of how the Cuttles app looks exported?

Yes, you can! You can find a business plan template at the link below. If you would like to discover how the Cuttles app looks and functions, you can check out our free trial too.

You can find our Business Plan template here.
You can sign up for a trial by heading to our pricing page.

Where can I find a Business Plan template?

You can find a business plan template at the link below. If you would like to discover how the Cuttles app looks and functions, you can also check out our free trial by following the link below.

You can find the Business Plan template here.
You can check out the free trial from our pricing page.

Is there a way to write an executive summary using Cuttles?

Cuttles uses something similar to an executive summary, which we refer to as the introduction. It is possible to customize each section the way you like, so you can rename the introduction section as you please.

Can I enter the percentage of earnings in the budget?

Yes, percentages are available in our Budget feature. You can learn more about this feature in our in-app guide about budgets.

Can I download my work, and what formats does Cuttles provide?

Yes, of course! One of the most important things for your startup is to show it off to the world! You can download the Pitch, Plan, and Team sections as a PDF, while the Budget feature can be downloaded as PNG (image), XLSX (excel), and CSV formats.

Can I increase the character limit in the Cuttles app?

Unfortunately not. We have implemented word/character limits in certain sections of the Cuttles app where we know investors prefer short, succinct, and right-to-the-point descriptions. Trust us, investors love that!

How do I create charts/graphs in my Business Plan?

You can create charts in your Business Plan by heading to 'Insert new widget' under the section you would like to create a chart. Click on 'chart' and choose either a bar, pie, line, or area chart.

What files can I export my Budget to?

You can export your Budget dashboard, expenses, revenue, and capital reports to different file formats such as PNG (image), XLSX (excel), and CSV.

Can I use Cuttles as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any CRM options at the moment.

Can I add corporate taxes to the budget?

Right now we do not have this feature since each country has different corporate tax rates. Instead, you are able to enter the percentage of taxes and name it 'Taxes'.

Can I add/change the Startup Industry?

You can choose and change industries in the 'Pitch' section. Let us know if there’s an industry you’re missing. We’ll be happy to add it for you!

Is there a way to customize the Cuttles structure/layout in the app?

Yes, you are able to change names, add sections, and change places. Feel free to explore all the possibilities inside the app. The most important information however is already there, so we recommend keeping the core sections as they are.

What is included in the Pitch section?

The Pitch section is designed to show the most important aspects of your business idea. It gives a great overview of your business plan and helps investors decide on whether they should fund you.

The Pitch section includes:
Your Startup's Details
Business Model
Customer Segments

What sections are included in the Business Plan?

We've made a best practice template to help you get started on your Business Plan. You can always add or remove sections as you require.

The Business Plan sections include:

Mission Statement
Vision Statement

Unique Value Proposition
Market Size

Market Snapshot
Market Size
Market Validation


Business Strategy
Business Model
SWOT Analysis
Key Resources
Key Activities
Key Metrics
Key Partnerships

Competitive Landscape
Competitive Advantages

Customer Value

SWOT analysis
Marketing Channels
Customer Relationship
Brand Positioning



Risks & Challenges