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Are you running an incubator, startup hub, accelerator or startup portfolio?

Like us, you probably believe that entrepreneurship and innovation is our future, and you work tirelessly to make sure as many startup ideas as possible turn into viable businesses.
Building a startup from the ground up takes a lot of work, and there are many tasks that steal focus away from what’s truly important. Planning is one of those tasks. But what if you could cut off days of planning work for all of your startups and give them more time to build amazing products?
With Cuttles you can. Our app guides startups through all the steps of planning and presenting their business - and you can collaborate with them all the way.


Our portfolio partnership(s)

We are currently operating with two different models:

A partnership: If we like you and what you're doing, and we collectively can empower dreamers and entrepreneurs – let's partner up! You write a news article about us and post it on your website; in return, you'll get a 50% discount code that you can share with your startups. 
A Paid Portfolio code: You'll receive a partnership code that you can distribute to your portfolio of startups who will all get access to our Cuttles Startup Plan for free. An easy and effective way of strengthening your value proposition! The portfolio code will cost you €100 monthly unless you are dealing with more than 50 startups, then we'll need to negotiate a bit!
With the Startup Plan, your startup's will be able to:
πŸ’‘ Create their business canvas
πŸ“ Write a customized, professional business plan
ʹ٪ΠKeep track of their team and ownership
πŸ’° Create and managing budgets and forecasts
πŸƒ Keep track of their runway
🏁 Plan their roadmaps
πŸ’Œ Invite mentors and portfolio managers to collaborate
✨ Present everything to investors and stakeholders in a professional, dazzling design that matches their own branding.

But, wait, there's more!

This January (or February at the latest), we'll launch a brand new portfolio product. The demo is already ready with a few beta customers – but if you would like to try it yourself, fill out the form below!


:seedling:  Features for Incubators, Accelerators, Universities and Startup Portfolios in the Cuttles Web Application

Imagine one platform to manage all your startups. One platform to handle applications, to collaborate, and to keep track of everything at once! Oh yes – we've built that. One platform to rule them all!


Dashboard and Analytics

Have a clear overview of your startup portfolio and keep track of their progress. You can collect valuable data insights to help you manage your portfolio more effectively.


Program Management

Create custom-designed programs for your startup portfolio, share a program-calendar, keep track of documents, curriculum, and Design application forms.



Receive and manage program applications from startups.


Relationship Management / Matchmaking

Create a CRM system of your network and identify beneficial matches and opportunities between your startups.


Chat and commenting 

Talk directly with your startups, have different conversation channels, connect to Slack, and share unlimited files between you and your startup portfolio.

... And so much more! πŸš€

We want to empower more startups to build sustainable and successful businesses and create real, lasting change globally. One way to do that is to support organizations out there that share our mission - like yours!


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