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We love other companies and organizations helping startups. Our usual partners-in-crime are startup communities, and forums, co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, business universities, and startup resources sites and software. If you identify as any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact us in the form below.

Lunar - The Future of Banking

The future of digital banking

"Cuttles helps startups and so do we. Building a business is hard work and you need digital solutions that can make everyday life easier. That’s why we’re so proud to partner with a cool digital startup planning tool like Cuttles. We share the same goal – to help you!"

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Farner - Largest PR and Communication Agency in Switzerland

"Creating something from nothing is hard. Building a startup requires a huge amount of work and that's where Cuttles helps. The versatile and well-organized startup builder is a solution to many of the problems that entrepreneurs face day by day. It is a must-have for every entrepreneur."

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The Hub - Finding the most exciting startup jobs for you.

"We are proud to unveil our latest tool in partnership with Cuttles. Cuttles is a fully guided, interactive, and customizable startup builder that helps you with planning, budgeting, and presenting your startup to investors. Their business plan tool helps you write your plan in a fraction of the time."

The Hub
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clab ventures

cLab Venture - A global network of cancer projects

"Our partners are early-stage startups innovating in the field of oncology and cancer research. These brilliant innovators face challenges in the business arena just as every early-stage company. Cuttles connects the dots and makes it easier to write a proper business plan, manage the budget, and present your ideas. MedTech, BioTech, Healthcare startups have a unique trajectory and Cuttles provides a solution to this with its fully customizable platform."


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The org logo

The Org - A professional community where you can explore any company's organizational chart

"We’re partnering with Cuttles because; why not?!

Cuttles is on a mission to help startups and SMEs succeed by providing them the tools needed for a smoother startup journey. That's pretty cool! Starting a company, hiring your team and closing funding should be easy - only then organizations can focus their energy on what's really important; innovation and growth. Together with Cuttles, we can help startups accelerate their growth and relevance in the market. And all of this while staying transparent and people-focused."

The Org
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Startup Programme - IT University of Copenhagen

Helping student entrepreneurs grow!

"We’ve been missing a tool like Cuttles for years! All our work is usually stuck within folders, within other folders and it’s hard to have a one-stop-shop with all the details of each startup. Plus, these change almost on a weekly basis! So having an always up-to-date link to the business plan is such a nice feature. No more little hacks and workarounds, now business ideas have a home of their own!

When you’re building a startup there are lots of things you need to figure out, keeping your documentation & idea clearly defined shouldn’t be an extra task to take you away from building a great product. This helps our startups rapidly tailor applications to other grants, send clear materials to potential investors and also keep us in the loop with their work."

Startup Programme
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BioInnnovation Institute
Spark Niagra Canada

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