All-in-one incubator software for portfolio managers and business consultants

The software you need to manage startups in your portfolio: For universities, incubators, accelerators, and organizations sky rocketing startups.

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Are you running an incubator, startup hub, accelerator, or managing a startup portfolio?

Imagine one platform to handle all your startups. One place to set up and manage all your startup programs, share your curriculum, streamline communication with startups, and track everything. Well, you found it. Our Portfolio Management platform is a specialized management tool for universities, incubators, accelerators, organizations, business consultants, and private investors to manage and empower the startups you work with.

How the Cuttles Portfolio Manager works

Grant access: Create and invite startups

It’s fast and easy to bring startups into your portfolio, and you can do it all in one place. Simply create the startup, add a little bit of details, and invite the startup members you want to join and collaborate in your portfolio.

Track startups: Get a powerful overview of your portfolio startups

With the Startups feature, you get a simple and powerful overview of all the startups in your portfolio. See what programs they’re assigned to, keep track of industries, business models, funding statuses, burn- and earn rates, and track how they’re doing on their planning and pitch.

Programs: Setup, manage, and track startup progress

No matter if you run one or many programs for startups, you can easily setup and manage them all. Create your programs, add descriptions, upload files, attach crunches and events, enroll startups, and track their progress.

Crunches: Manage curriculum, content, and startup submissions

Your programs consist of crunches, the curriculum or program content you want your startups to go through while working with you. Manage all crunches from one place and attach them to the programs that need them. Simply set up the crunch, add a description and choose what your startups need to do and submit in each crunch.

People: Build and share your network

Your portfolio doesn’t consist of startups alone. You rely on program managers, mentors, advisors, consultants, investors, coaches, and program alumni to grow your startups. With the People feature, you can manage information and details about every person involved in your portfolio in one place and build a strong network of experts and allies to strengthen your portfolio. Assign roles and programs, add bios, skills, and contact information. To keep information safe, you decide who can access the information.

Discussion: Drive conversations

Communicate and converse with your startups. Make announcements, ask questions, and inform everyone of what’s going on. Reach out to everyone or use program discussion boards to communicate the right information to the right people.

Events: Simplify schedules

The events feature makes it easy for you to manage the happenings and events you offer startups. Create events and keep an overview in the calendar and events list. You can even attach events to specific startup programs and make sure they reach the right people.

Explorer: Track portfolio performance

The Portfolio Manager is your one-stop-shop to manage and track all the startups, founders, experts, and investors coming through your portfolio. With our premium Explorer feature, you can use portfolio data to create and save custom reports on your startups, programs, crunches, startup submissions and more, to easily track and keep overview of your portfolio.