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Discover how Cuttles guides you through all the steps of planning, presenting, and building your startup business. Export and share your work in a dazzling design that matches your branding โ€“ like magic!

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Structure, validate and pitch your idea effortlessly

Get an overview of your business idea and convince investors, your team, and future customers to get on board with a powerful pitch deck and one-pager.

We ask the questions โ€“ all you have to do is provide the answers. And don't worry about layout and design. We've already made sure it looks great and matches your brand.

Share and export everything

Present your pitch style

Fully guided progress

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Finish your business plan in a fraction of the time

Write and deliver a fully customizable top-notch business plan using powerful in-app widgets, real-life examples and guides.

You'll always be on top of your business and have a ready-to-show, dazzling business plan to export or share with a single click.

Share and export everything

Fully customizable templates

250+ guides, examples & widgets

Beautiful, fast and flexible editor

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Working with numbers has never been easier

Keep track of your runway, and forecast your expenses, revenue, capital, and break-even point. Always have an overview of your financial situation at hand.

You don't need to be a math wiz, we made it easy and intuitive to create budgets and we'll generate all the important key metrics and numbers that investors will want to see.

Share and export everything

Powerful financial forecasting

Appealing runway dashboard

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Your team is your most important asset

Showcase your team, map out skills and competencies and get an overview of the captable.

For many investors, the team makes or breaks the decision to invest, we made it easy to visualize your team and showcase ownership.

Share and export everything

Intuitive team overview

Present your captable

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