Where to Find Funding and Investors for Your Startup Online

πŸ’° Funding Β· October 14, 2020 Β· Julie Navntoft

What is Startup Funding?

If you want your startup to make it big, chances are you'll need money to get it there. Unless you've got a seriously massive savings account, chances are you will need to find some funding. Startup funding comes in many forms, from friends and family chipping in to big investment firms investing huge amounts in you, there's something for (pretty much) everyone. But it's not necessarily a piece of cake to get funding for your startup, and you will most likely have to give up some control of your business in exchange. On the other hand, getting investment might be just what you need for your rocketship to take off. 

So, where do you find funding for your startup?

Look no further, buddy! We've made you a list that includes all the best places to find funding for your startup.

Find Angel Investors for Your Startup Online


At StartEngine you can simply apply and find investors that will help you raise capital to succeed your business journey. It is one of the worlds biggest investment and funding platforms, and they support almost all industries you can think of.



GlassDollar believes that you should spend your time changing the world, not chasing after money. They scout the most promising and best fitting startups and gives them the opportunity to be funded by investors like Miele, Henkel and PWC.



This is for you if you want more than just capital. Republic offers a special connection between investor and startup. Everyone can become an investor in your company, no matter where they are in the world.


Investor Hunt

Searching for investors? InvestorHunt makes it both easier and less time-consuming. On their platform, you can search for, filter, list and contact over 40k investors. 


First Round

Finding Seed money can be tricky. Most VC's have very specific requirements for who and what they invest in. Those requirements can be difficult for early-stage startups to meet. That's why First Round exists. First Round is your first money in. Whether you're at Pre-seed, Seed or Series A, First Round is ready to talk.


Find Venture Capital for Your Startup Online


FundersClub works with the most promising startups worldwide, and they provide more than just financial support. They also offer a network that supports you throughout your business journey.



With support beyond capital and exposure to a global investor network, we make it easy for you to raise funds.



Unlike most of the sites on this list, Crunchbase isn't an investor site. Instead, it is a search platform on which you can research investors, discover innovative companies, do market research and much more. If you're looking for investment, use Crunchbase to access investor data and get ready to make the right decision. 



SeedInvest is focused on creating a brighter future for all of us. They invest in early-stage startups that develop health tech, virtual reality, e-commerce, hardware and more.


Seed Capital

Seed Capital is a Danish VC Seed fund with companies like Trustpilot, Templafy and Endomondo in their portfolio. Seed Capital invest in ambitious, early-stage tech companies.



Homebrew invest in mission-driven, ambitious founders, who are willing to take risks and go big to make an impact on the world. Besides Seed or Series A money, they devote their time and resources to help you build, grow and scale your business. They target just 6-8 investments per year and invest between $750.000 and $2 million in exchange for app. 10-15% ownership.


Founder Collective

The partners at Founder Collective have all built and sold tech companies. They know what it takes, what you're in for and how to help. There's no preferred industry or type of startup for this investor bunch. In fact, according to them, the weirdest ideas are sometimes the most wonderful. They believe founders should try and raise little, but smart money to grow their business while maintaining ownership.


Find Crowdfunding for Your Startup Online


Start your Kickstarter project, make like-minded spirits fall in love with your idea and buy your product before it's even ready. If you're a tech-startup or have an artsy project, this is for you.



Submit your product and get investment from people, who believe in your idea. Wefunder will share your project with more than 600.000 investors.



Launch your product on IndieGogo and get funded by tech- and design loving early adopters.



OurCrowd invests in global startups, that improve the way people work, travel shop, heal and conduct business. They have funded businesses that have developed medical cannabis, advanced wheelchairs and health apps.



Taking the position as the leading crowdfunding space for female founders, iFundWomen is the place to go, if you're a woman Besides offering a platform for crowdfunding campaings, IFW also provide a customized coaching program designed to help drive up to 27% higher raise than the average crowdfunding platform.



Raise money from crowd of accredited in three simple steps. Create a profile, select how you'll reward your future investors, promote your campaign - then watch, as the money starts rolling in. 



Through CrowdSupply you can launch and fund hardware products. If you're building a product that is unique, useful and respectful to the users it targets, you're in. Backers who fund your product through this platform are people, who actually want and need your product. Deliver quality and you've got yourself some customers. 



Crowdfunder is a market leading equity crowdfunding platform. Investors using Crowdfunder are accredited Angels and VC's looking for amazing startups to fund. Raise Pre-Seed to Series A money, by uploading your deal.



If your startup is based on science and research, Experiment is the place to go for crowdfunding. Through this platform, researchers share scientific projects and raise funds to make real discoveries. All projects uploaded are evaluated by one of Experiment's team members, before it's released for crowdfunding. Once approved, you can start raising money for your project.