Roadmap your way towards your milestones and goals

A plan brings your team together and keeps everyone on track towards your goals. With our Roadmap feature, you can set milestones, prioritize tasks, track your progress and be on your way to hitting those targets month after month.

Prioritize your tasks, build your business 👷‍♂️

There’s so much to do. So many milestones to achieve. So much to remember. So many people to impress. The startup stars are waiting for you to get up there. That’s why planning is essential.

A startup roadmap helps you answer two critical questions:

  • Where do we need to go to get our startup off the ground?
  • What actions do we need to take to get there?

Never lose sight of where you’re going 👀

The startup road is long and filled with all kinds of distractions. It’s a trial-and-error process that can sometimes be hard to navigate. A roadmap helps you prioritize, stay on course and stick to deadlines, even when things get chaotic. Like any good plan, your roadmap is dynamic. The purpose is to evaluate what steps are important, what to do next – and show investors that you got things covered. Luckily, we got you covered! Our Roadmap feature is a powerful yet light-weight tool that displays the bigger picture and helps your team go in the right direction. We’ve made it super simple for you to plan, prioritize and stay on top of deadlines.


Plan milestones

If you’re a list-lover, you’ll go nuts for our Milestones list. You can add categories, list all the milestones you’re aiming at, add date ranges and give them priorities. And if you don’t know what to do first, we’ll help you figure that out too. Simply compare costs and value of each individual task and we’ll give you a Priority Score you can use to get clarity.


Manage deadlines

For the deadline aficionados, the Timeline view will knock your socks off. It gives you a simple overview of tasks and timeframes to make sure you never miss a deadline. You can easily drag and drop tasks to schedule, reschedule and manage your work. Never miss a deadline again.


Raise productivity

Of course, there’s a little something for the Lean adorers too. In the Kanban Board, you can visualize workflows and processes to stay on top of your team’s capacity. The Kanban Board is massively popular in tech teams and in organizations practicing the lean methodology. It’s known for helping teams increase productivity, be aligned and stay focused.

Turns out, you really can have it three ways!

Keep investors in the loop

Your roadmap isn’t just important to keep your team productive. It’s essential to investors too. Your investors want to be held in the loop about what you are doing, how you prioritize, and how you are working to increase their ROI. Being able to show an ambitious, well-planned roadmap and visualize the milestones you reach every month is key to good investor relationships. With our Roadmap feature, you can share your roadmap with investors and make sure they always know what’s going on.