Visualize and manage your startup plan with the Roadmap feature

Set milestones, prioritize what to build, monitor your progress, and rally everyone around your startup's roadmap.

Build your vision from the ground up

The startup road is long and filled with all kinds of distractions. It's a trial-and-error process that can sometimes be hard to navigate. A roadmap will help you prioritize and keep going, even when things seem chaotic. So of course we've made a Roadmap feature for you. It is a powerful, yet lightweight feature that helps your startup team keep their eyes on the big picture and stay on track while working


Pave the way with Milestones

If you’re a structured person, you will love the Milestones list. If you’re not, you need it! Having milestones in clear sight and keeping track of all the tasks ahead is crucial to build startup success. With our Milestones list you can schedule, prioritize and manage the progress of each task.


Plan ahead, stay ahead

The more you grow, the more work you will have to manage. Use the Timeline to get an overview of all the tasks you have planned. Easily drag and drop tasks to schedule, reschedule and manage deadlines and empower your team to get things done.


Kanban your progress

Tasks piling up faster than your team gets a chance to complete them can kill the motivation of even the most focused teams. The Kanban board lets you visualize workflows to get the most out of your efforts and help everyone stay on top of their game.


Get your priorities straight

In a startup everyone has to do everything. Getting more hands to help you out is wishful thinking and you will need to prioritize. If you’re not sure where to put your efforts, we’ll compare costs and value of individual tasks and provide you with a Priority Score to help you get organized.