Lower execution risks, manage equity, get funded

Your team is your most important asset. For many investors, the team makes or breaks the decision to invest. Presenting a strong team lowers execution risks, while showing how equity is divided visualizes the investment case. With our Team feature, you can effortlessly showcase your team and convince investors to join your startup.

Your team will make or break your startup

Or, as Steve Jobs once put it: "Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

Even the greatest ideas fall short without a team of hard-working, skilful, engaged people to bring it to life. The people you choose to carry out your vision will determine if and when your business becomes a success. They must be both skilled, motivated, share your ambitions and willing to go the extra mile. Most likely for a tiny paycheck, compared to what they’re worth. Finding such people is a challenge, but when you do, magic happens 💫


Present your team of rock stars

Your team is everyone who’s involved with your startup. From co-founders and employees to investors, advisors and board members. When you find your rock stars, make sure to give them a proper introduction. You’ll need it when presenting your startup to future investors. Who are they? What are their skills? Why are they the right people to take your startup to the next level? In our People & Organizations list, you can effortlessly present each of your team members, add their positions, roles and shareholder status and ownership.


Showcase ownership to calculate market value

How your startup's ownership is divided affects your startup’s value and with that, your startup as an investment case. How many shares each shareholder owns, and at what price, affects the valuation of your startup. When you go looking for new capital, it will mean a great deal for your potential investors how equity is otherwise shared. While you’re still in the early stages, chances are there are only a few shareholders in your startup, so you won’t need a detailed capitalization table just yet. That’s why our Team feature includes a cap table “light.” It’s a simple way to manage, keep track and present the ownership status in your startup.

The Shareholders dashboard provides a smooth equity overview that shows how many shareholders you have, how many shares you have to divide and the top shareholder.

The Shareholders list shows all the people and organizations who hold equity, how many shares they own and if their shares are common or preferred.