Showcase your team, keep track of equity

Present your team, their roles and invaluable skills. Keep track of shareholders. Effortlessly manage and present your most important asset to anyone.

Your team will make or break your startup

Or as Steve Jobs once put it: "Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people."

Even the greatest ideas will fall short without a team of hard-working, skilful, engaged people to bring it to life. The people you choose to carry out your vision will determine if and when your business becomes a success. With our Team feature, you can keep a clear record of your startup's ownership and of the people who work to help you reach the startup stars ๐Ÿ’ซ


Present your team effortlessly

Your team is all the people and organizations, who have a role to play on the way to reaching your goals. From employees and founders to advisors, board members and investors, everyone needs a proper introduction. Who are they? What are their roles? And why are they the perfect match to take your startup to the next level?
In the People & Organizations list you can effortlessly present each member of your team.


Keep track of ownership

How is the equity of your startup divided? As soon as you start passing out chunks of your business to others, it's really important to keep track of who owns what. Having a clear view of ownership will help you make strategic decisions and scale the business.
In the Shareholders dashboard, we've made it super simple to calculate shares and keep a clear record of how they're divided.