Cuttles in 2020 - A message from our CEO

December 30, 2020 · Christian Nicolai Thiesen

Dear friends,

What a year we've been through. At the beginning of it, I admittedly didn't pay much attention to the eerie loom of what became a reality for 2020. Most of 2019 had already been a crap year for me, as I was grieving the loss of my older brother, Christopher, and had put a pause on developing Cuttles. In January, I had just finally come to a better place and was back and ready to work again with lots of motivation. By March, we were able to launch Cuttles... Just three days before Covid hit hard, and most of us were forced into lockdown.

2020 has truly not been a kind year. It has challenged much of the economy, preyed on the weak and sick, and claimed thousands of lives worldwide. It has also tested our trust and filled us with division and chaos.

But, despite all this resistance, I've been fortunate enough to witness the resilience of people and seen their belief in innovation and that overcoming the impossible is, in fact, possible. Throughout 2020, even with all the push-back, you, our users, have persisted and dared to work on your ideas to turn your dreams into realities. You reminded me that nothing is out of reach, and we should all shoot for the stars 💫 I want to thank you sincerely for that - it has motivated and inspired the team and me throughout the year!

At Cuttles, we've had a pretty good year despite it all. Sure, it has been hardcore work. And personally, as a founder, I found it difficult attending to my mental health, which is something I think most early-stage founders can relate to. But we've also learned so much and by bootstrapping and with €125,000 in pre-seed funding, we launched our Cuttles platform and grew our revenue from €0 to €90,000 in just 9 month. We have been fortunate enough to welcome more than 12,500 students, entrepreneurs and investors from all around the globe to our platform and increased our company size from a one-man-band to a team of 5 amazing and passionate startup freaks. We've partnered up with some kick-ass organizations and have received valuable feedback from our customers. And we are proud to have implemented Diversity Pricing to help more diverse founders succeed and get funded. We are also humbled by being picked as one of The 100 Most Transparent Companies of 2020. We've received €500k more in funding this year and I'm personally excited and ready to schmooze up some investors next year and go for a Series A!

All this makes our team and me more determined than ever to fulfill our vision for Cuttles. I have to say; I love being an entrepreneur and feel so blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people with Cuttles!

So what happens next? At the beginning of next year our plans are the following:

  • Before our one year birthday next March 9, we'll release Cuttles 2.0, which we are currently working on. It will have seriously nice improvements and new cool features, and startup tools. With this release, Cuttles will also be available in 4 new major languages: German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Oh, and Danish, since it's right up our ally 😀
  • We'll also be releasing a new product for startup portfolio managers, incubators, accelerators, universities to manage their programs, applicants, startups, and networks.
  • We'll focus even more on providing you with the best quality content and educational tools and resources with our new Startup Academy 2.0. We'll also be doing Webinars, Podcasts and Market Snapshots.

Honestly, I can't wait for next year and to continue to our work and for us all to leave this shitty year behind.

I want to wish you all a very prosperous New Year! 🥂 May the upcoming year be filled with success, and may your startups grow bigger and stronger with each and every day 🍾

I hope you all keep sane and healthy! 

Christian Nicolai Thiesen
Founder & CEO