Introducing: The Roadmap 🛣

May 7, 2020 · Julie Navntoft

April has been a work-sleep-work-some-more month.

We have been working on developing two major features, a Roadmap and a Team feature, and we're excited to announce that we've released our new Roadmap feature. It's live and ready to make your startup life much easier! The new Team feature is almost ready and will be released very soon. More on that in another post.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce... 🥁

The Roadmap: Plan, track and prioritize your work 🛣

The startup road is paved with all kinds of challenges, distractions and road bumps. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a clear focus on what's important to reach your startup goals. Luckily, there's a solution to that. The roadmap. A roadmap makes it easier to navigate the busy, wild waters you are in. It can help you prioritize, stay on track and keep your team on top of their very best game.

So of course, we've made one for you in Cuttles. It is a powerful, yet lightweight feature to help you plan and manage the road ahead.

The new Roadmap Feature keeps track of your tasks, milestones and progress. 
You can:

  • Structure your tasks in the Milestone list

    No matter if you love structure or you don't particularly care for schedules, you need structure in your startup life. In the Milestones list you can set important milestones and add all the tasks you need to solve to reach them. From there scheduling, prioritizing and managing your work is (almost) child's play 👶🏻

  • Drag and drop tasks to easily manage an interactive Timeline

    To stay ahead, you must plan ahead. The Timeline view makes this process much simpler. It gives you a clear overview of the tasks you have planned and helps you stay on top of deadlines 🏁

  • Get a clear overview on the Kanban board
    Make sure your team is always on top of their game. Having too much on your plate can kill motivation and focus in a heartbeat. To make sure that doesn't happen the Kanban board is a great tool. Always have a clear overview of how many tasks are in progress and move things around to stay productive.

  • Need help prioritizing? 

    Check out the priority score calculated from costs and value of each of your tasks.

Gone are the days of loosing track of what you're doing and where you're going. The Roadmap is here to kick your planning in the... Well, butt 🍑