The Best Apps for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Looking for must-have apps to get organized, increase productivity, manage your business and improve yourself? Go through this list to find the best out there!

November 18, 2020 · Julie Navntoft

One thing most entrepreneurs wish for is more hours in a day. But since that's not really an option, you need to figure out how to get the most out of the 24 you have. And there's a lot to be done - in your business and in between. The right mobile apps can help you get organized, manage day-to-day tasks, keep a clear overview and stay healthy. 

Staying focused and keeping your eyes on the prize is crucial when building a startup. But with app stores the size of the pacific, it can be a real struggle to find the right apps for your startup. Honestly, who hasn't at some point maxed out their iPhone storage with apps that sounded great, but sucked in reality?

As always, we got you! Here is a list of the best apps for entrepreneurs. It's divided into categories to make it easier for you to find your own must-have startup apps. 


Best Apps for Managing Tasks in Your Startup


Notion is the app you’re looking for, if you want a platform to organize everything you do. Notion is a user-friendly workspace, packed with useful tools to help you organize, schedule and collaborate with your team. You can build extensive workflows or keep it simple. In any case, they have already created a bunch of templates to inspire and make your organizing easy. It’s not your usual project management tool, though. Notion is a documentation tool too. You can structure, manage and keep track of everything you do, from tasks and schedules to marketing plans, design guides, contracts and more.



Asana is undoubtedly one of the most popular project management tools out there, especially for startups. Using the platform, you can easily structure workflows, assign tasks and communicate with team members to make sure everything gets done in time. Using Asana in your team’s daily routine will optimize productivity for sure. And by the way, you can hunt for unicorns too 🦄



Trello makes organizing fun. That’s why it has become a favorite tool for many, solo entrepreneurs through smaller teams. You can structure and prioritize tasks on Trello boards, assign work, add deadlines and make comments.



Freedcamp is a great tool for virtual task management. Create to-do lists, set up projects and collaborate with team members to get things done. The app offers different views, like Kanban boards and Gant charts and also lets you manage private tasks, for your own eyes only.



Need to stay organized? Todoist is the app you're looking for. Set up all your tasks in to-do lists, get a clear overview and begin each day with peace of mind knowing that you're on top of things. With Todoist, you can prioritize and delegate tasks, track progress and integrate the app with tools you're already using.


Best Apps for Productivity


Having trouble leaving that devil smartphone alone and staying focused? Do you like games? Then Hatch is just what you need. All you have to do is set a timer for your focus session. If you keep your fingers off your phone for the entire time, you'll get to hatch a mystery creature. If you leave the app to check something else, you'll loose the creature. The longer the session, the rarer the creature. Ready for some magic?



Toggl is a great app for tracking productivity and managing tasks in your startup. Categorize projects and tasks and start tracking time spent on each of them. Toggl doesn't just help you manage tasks, but also makes you aware of good and bad time management habits and helps you assess if the time you spend on a single task corresponds with the value it creates. 



With TickTick you can manage tasks, add deadlines and set up alerts and reminders to help you get things done. One of the extra cool features is the Pomo timer. The Pomodoro technique helps you stay focused, by creating work and break intervals for you. If you need to dive really deep, the app also has white noises to increase your focus. 



So, you're on the train scrolling through your phone, and just before you reach your destination, you find this super interesting article that you really want to read. What now? Pocket is what. With the Pocket app you can easily save all the interesting content you find during a day, but never have time to go through. Set up your own content space and start collecting your library of knowledge. 


Apps for Payment and Financial Management for Startups


Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe’s APIs help you run your business.
Stripe is known for its developer tools, which allow business owners to integrate and customize their payment processes using various programming languages. The significant advantage of Stripe is its simplicity and customization options. The software allows you to control the look and feel of the entire payment process, and you can access all payment history directly from your phone.



PayPal brought convenient digital payment into the world and its solution is preferred by many. Pay and take payment online and handle invoices digitally. Your customers can pay the way they prefer, whether you sell online, via email, physically or on the phone. The platform is easy to set up and customers don't need an account to make a payment. Businesses can quickly and easily get access to their money and manage cash flow, pay suppliers, send money to other PayPal users and make their own purchases.



With Square you can take payments directly over your phone. Their mobile point-of-sale system makes it simpler than ever to take payments on the go. Payments received through Square's mobile app will be on your account in one-two days. You can send out invoices, keep track of sales, manage inventory and much more directly from the app.



With Pleo, you can manage your business spendings smarter, faster and more efficient than ever. Save receipts immediately on the app, always have a clear overview of expenses and integrate your accounting tool with Pleo for even more ease. Get credit cards for your team members and set individual limits. The smart credit cards automates expense reports and simplifies your financial tasks. 



With FreshBooks you don't have to worry about spending hours getting everything right. The cloud service platform makes it simple for small businesses to handle all their accounting tasks. Easily create and send invoices, organize expenses, handle payments, create your reports and make sure your books are in balance.



Tired of conservative banks and expensive business bank accounts? Lunar is here to help. Lunar is a digital bank for small businesses. In a matter of minutes, you can sign up, get up to three accounts and manage your finances directly from the app. There are no signup fees and all you have to pay is a low annual price. It's easy to integrate Lunar with payment systems, accounting systems and payroll.


Apps for Business Communication


Slack is a great communication tool for anyone wishing to ease online conversation inside and outside your team. Slack aims to remove the extensive use of email in and outside companies and speed up communication and work processes. You can use Slack for your team communication, for communicating with clients, customers and partners.



Zoom is a great platform for online meetings, remote collaboration, video conferences and webinars. You can do video and audio calls, share your screen, do presentations and engage your audience in the chat or via polls. Zoom fans especially like the user-friendliness and high-quality video.


Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft’s take on a collaboration and communication tool, which can be used to host meetings, video calls and conferences and do real-time collaboration. Users can also share their screens, share files and send direct messages.



With Skype you can host conferences, meetings and business calls without signing up and without downloading anything. Skype offers a variety of features to help you moderate calls and provide professional experiences, such as live subtitles and recording ability.



Manage appointments and meetings easily with Calendly. If you are tired of emailing back and forth to set up meetings, this app might be just what you need. Set up simple booking rules, share your link and let clients, employees or stakeholders book meetings with you online. You can easily set up the app to work with your calendar and integrate it with Salesforce, Zapier and the likes.


Apps for Social Media Management


With Hootsuite you can plan, schedule and post social media content on the go. With the free version it's easy to start building and improving your social media presence, while upgrading to the paid version gets you access to a ton of premium features, like reporting and collaboration. 



Buffer makes planning your social media activities simple. You can collaborate with your team to plan, publish, engage and analyze campaigns, posts and stories across your social media channels.



LinkedIn is a great platform for searching talent, getting professional inspiration, doing employer branding and sharing your view on business- or work-related topics. Set up your LinkedIn Business page to start building a presence. As a founder or business leader, you can use the app to build and expand your network and approach new business opportunities.



If you catch the drift, Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for building brand awareness and connecting directly with your audience. Building a strong presence on Twitter requires that you're active, post something several times a day and are present to reply people who reach out to you. But if you do it right, it might just end up being one of your strongest platforms.



Instagram used to be the social platform to go for, if you're appealing to a younger crowd. But these days, Instagram users come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It works particularly well for B2C businesses, and especially for brands who are building a strong visual presence. If you run a consumer goods startup, setting up your shop directly on Instagram is a must. 


Apps for brainstorming, mindmapping and getting ideas


Evernote is one of the most popular note taking apps around, and also works great for brainstorming ideas and getting them out of your head. The app has a ton of features making it easier for you to catch ideas on the fly, like the web clipper or the easy-to-use Sync and Organize feature.



MindNode is a mindmapping app that lets you put your ideas on paper and think them through. If you're a sucker for visualizing ideas in a sleek way, MindNode is definitely worth a try. 



Mindly helps you organize your thoughts and boost your creativity. The mindmapping app is build to increase your focus and make sure your ideas never gets lost.


Apps for Mental Health, Personal Growth and Founder Training


Being an entrepreneur is a stressful, demanding and amazing way of life, and because you're your own boss (and perhaps someone else's), you need to take care of yourself, body, mind and spirit. Headspace is the perfect tool for that. The popular, research-backed meditation app is smack-pack full of meditations to help you stay focused, reduce stress, improve sleep and just feel better. 



There are many proven health benefits to journaling, like reducing stress, keeping your memory sharp and increasing your work performance. Reflectly has turned journaling digital and built an interactive and fun way to put your thoughts on "paper". According to the app itself, keeping a work journal can improve your performance with up to 22.8% - so start scribbling!



Stuck on a task or decision? Unstuck helps you get - you guessed it - unstuck. The app is a simple tool to help you grow build on peer coaching principles. By asking you the right questions, it supports you to untangle yourself from doubts and fears that are holding you back. Describe your challenge, answer its questions and reflect on the lessons learned. 



If you only have space for one app on your phone, Mapped is the one you choose. Developed exclusively for startup founders this is exactly the platform you need, if you want to learn from more experienced founders and entrepreneurs. Ask for product feedback, ask questions, get tips for growth strategies and much more. 



Staying sharp is an entrepreneur's most important job. If you don't have time to read the hundreds of dusty, well-intended books on your shelf, Lumosity just might be your saving grace. The app has a ton of science-backed brain training games to strengthen your skills in problem solving, speed, memory, attention and much more.