Must Read Startup Books for Entrepreneurs to Read in 2022

Stay curious, entrepreneur! Here's a list of top books for entrepreneurs and must-read books about startups. Time to get reading!

By Christian Nicolai Thiesen

Introduction to Startup Books

For the longest time, reading has been holy grail of the world’s most prominent and successful entrepreneurs. They read to get inspired, to stay sharp and they read to learn. Even the best entrepreneurs never stop learning. They know that there’s always something they don’t know. New knowledge to acquire.

Bill Gates reads one book every week and has done so for most of his life, and he’s not alone. His squad of fellow readers include Mark Cuban, who spends 3 hours every day reading, Warren Buffett, who spends 80% of his waken hours with his head in books as well as Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, who all keep their eyes on the books. The best entrepreneurs know that it’s better to learn from someone else’s experience whenever possible than to only learn from their own. Want to join the Book Club? Here’s a list of the best books for entrepreneurs to read to get even better at starting, growing and running a business.

Books about Mindset and Productivity

To be a great entrepreneur, you must decide to be productive. But the decision to keep working is just one of those things that are easy to say, but hard to do. At least if you're not a natural. Productivity depends on your mindset, and being a successful startup founder requires those two things. The right mindset and the ability to get things done. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? Still, for most it isn't. Luckily, productivity and mindset are some of the most well-researched phenomenons out there. Here's our list of favorite books on the topics:

Books with Inspirational Founder Stories

One thing that all entrepreneurs need, is inspiration. We need people to look up to, stories that sparks our motivation, Northern Stars to follow. When things get tough, there's nothing like great startup stories that will get you back in the saddle. Here's some of the best ones:

Lifestyle Books for Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs start out, not because they had a good idea, but because they dream of building a life of freedom and self-fulfilment. But how do you go about doing that? And more importantly, how do you pay for such a lifestyle? These books will teach you:

Books About How to Start a Business

So, you've decided to start a business. Now what? From finding the right idea, to setting a team and building something amazing, as an entrepreneur you have to figure everything out by yourself. But that doesn't mean you can't get help. These books will take you through all the major steps of starting your own startup from scratch:

Books about Growing Your Startup 

You won't have a business for very long, if you don't get customers - a lot of customers. But if you're not a sales guru or a marketing wizard, generating growth is a tricky and sometimes slightly uncomfortable task. At least until you get a hang on it. Then it's actually quite fun. We promise. We've gathered the best growth books out there to get you started: