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Seriously, this is an awesome product and every founder should jump on it. I've been procrastinating my biz plan for my newest startup for the last month, so Cuttles came just at the right time. It's a step-by-step business plan, but it's broken down into chunks so it's very manageable. It's not just a template either - it's dynamic, so you can customize sections. Super easy to work through, plus there are tips and examples to help you relate the sections to your own business. Highly recommend Cuttles!

🇨🇭 Martin Schlutz

My husband and I are building a healthy dog treat business and one of our challenges is creating a business plan that serves as a working document, as our business grows. I saw Cuttles, purchased it, and within a couple of days, we've done more towards our plan than we have in the last six months. It's an excellent product, especially if you're new to entrepreneurship and you need a way to document and figure out the important elements to build a successful business.

🇺🇸 Teresa

I am a bookkeeper for startups and I found the Cuttles app on AppSumo. It has good UX and makes it super easy to plan a startup. I thought it would be a great value add for my clients and I have to say I have gotten a ton of positive feedback for ease of use and how fast it was to create a business plan for their investors! My clients are thrilled about Cuttles and so am I.

🇬🇧 Daisy M

Any startup that uses this platform will have a competitive advantage. It is highly satisfying to be able to capture your vision in an interactive space. Cuttles makes it easier to approach investors and therefore accelerate the growth process. It allows entrepreneurs and startups to build a robust outline of their businesses.

🇩🇴 Daniel I
Chief Operating Officer at Strateya

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