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Features for startups

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Structure, validate and pitch your idea in minutes

With our Canvas feature, you can structure and validate your idea quickly and without hassle.  Follow the guides and get inspired by examples to fill out the canvas template. You’ll have a beautiful one-page plan, ready to share with investors with a single click.

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Finish your business plan in a fraction of the time

Our fully customizable startup business plan template is packed with examples and step-by-step guides. We’ll walk you through all the sections and show you what to write. Startups who plan grow 34% faster. With our Plan feature, you can finish in half the time.

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Make impressive budgets

When it comes to numbers, you can’t afford to make mistakes. With our Budgets feature, you can easily create budgets and forecasts, even if you’re not a numbers person. Get a powerful overview of your financials in the dashboards, generate reports, and share everything with investors.

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Never run out of cash

Always keep your eyes on the runway. With our runway dashboard, tracking your financial situation is a piece of cake. Always have key numbers like burn rate, revenue and break-even point at hand. Our team of number-crunching backend Cuttlefish will even give you advice on how to make your budget sustainable.

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Roadmap your way towards your milestones and goals

The road to success is long and chaotic. As an entrepreneur, you need exceptional planning skills. We got you! With our Roadmap feature, you can schedule milestones, manage deadlines, raise productivity, track performance and share it with investors to keep them in the loop. 

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Lower execution risks, manage equity, get funded

Your team is your most important asset, equity is your most valuable commodity. Both will massively affect your chances of raising investment. Present your team and showcase ownership with our Team feature, then share a powerful presentation directly with future investors to get funded.

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Get schooled, inspired and startup smart

We’re not just an app. We want to train, inspire and empower dreamers and entrepreneurs to create more game changing solutions. In our Startup Academy you can find courses that will help you through each step of your startup journey. We’ve also made a collection of all the best tools to get your startup running and gathered the most inspiring resources to motivate you along the way 🤓🎓💡

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We've asked our customers what they think of Cuttles

"Writing a business plan is a sinuous task and a continuous back and forth. Cuttles makes the process of thinking, sketching and writing your business plan seamless. We were able to get our plan ready in a couple of days easily and without issues."

Fernando Caamaño
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We also have some pretty cool partners

Finding the most exciting startup jobs for you.

"We are proud to unveil our latest tool in partnership with Cuttles. Cuttles is a fully guided, interactive and customizable startup builder that helps you with planning, budgeting and presenting your startup to investors. Their business plan tool helps you write your plan in a fraction of the time."

The Hub
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Helping startups communicate better

"Creating something from nothing is hard. Building a startup requires a huge amount of work and thats where Cuttles helps. The versatile and well organised startup builder is a solution to many of the problems that entrepreneurs face day by day. It is a must-have for every entrepreneur."

Farner - Largest PR and Communication Agency in Switzerland
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Growing and investing in student entrepreneurs

“We’ve been missing a tool like Cuttles for years! All our work is usually stuck within folders, within other folders and it’s hard to have a one-stop shop with all the details of each startup. Plus, these change almost on a weekly basis! So having an always up-to-date link to the business plan is such a nice feature. No more little hacks and workarounds, now business ideas have a home of their own!”

Startup Programme - IT University of Copenhagen
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A global network of cancer projects

"Our partners are early-stage startups innovating in the field of oncology and cancer research. These brilliant innovators face challenges in the business arena just as every early-stage company. Cuttles connects the dots and makes it easier to write a proper business plan, manage the budget, and present your ideas. MedTech, BioTech, Healthcare startups have a unique trajectory and Cuttles provides a solution to this with its fully customizable platform."

cLab Ventures
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